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Advanced laser systems have become high-performance

alternatives to traditional manufacturing techniques.

Israel has significant global key players in laser system production and world leaders in equipment for laser based industrial applications, including materials processing, medical, additive manufacturing and defense. This positions Israeli companies to penetrate additional sectors in which laser processing is a key technology, and opens new opportunities in novel future applications carrying much potential. Semiconductors, 3D printing, and the Electric Automotive sectors are three such examples of important growth sectors within the modern global manufacturing economy.

The ALTIA Consortium has organized itself to employ Israel-made advanced high-power laser technologies to achieve significant improvements in performance, cost, manufacturability and future scalability. The ALTIA consortium is designated to establish the required technological infrastructure within the state of Israel to stimulate and support innovation and application of laser technologies for growing industrial demand from the factory floors. The ALTIA consortium is to be comprised of industrial and academic partners with strong profiles in high-power laser design, fabrication and industrialization.

The ALTIA consortium established and coordinates activities between Israel’s Academia, industrial laser developers, component manufacturers and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) that develop and integrate the abovementioned laser technologies. The ALTIA approach facilitates knowledge accumulation in local Israeli research institutes and universities. The laser developers and laser components manufacturers are also to be well coordinated to facilitate expeditious validation of new technologies and processes, and to support adaptation or customization of the technology for factory floor conditions. This is to consider quality standards, ranging from reliability and performance of components, through achieved laser technical and economic parameters and robustness, through applied laser production processes in terms of the process speed, quality and repeatability.

The key areas of interest to the ALTIA consortium are in the growing use of, and need for, high-power (a) short-pulse lasers, (b) short-wavelength (UV) lasers, and (c) CW visible lasers.