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Work Group 6

Laser Applications

Work Group 6 of the ALTIA consortium deals with lasers applications, demonstrating the feasibility of laser micromachining processes relevant to different industry aspects, based on the laser sources developed in this program.


The laser applications work group includes the following partners:

Orbotech – Work group leader, laser applications in the context of microelectronics, studying the effect of temporal and spatial properties for laser micromachining, at different wavelengths (IR, Green and UV).

VGEN – Demonstration of psàns laser processes.

CIVAN – establishment of high power CW lasers applications lab.

HOLO/OR – Design and fabrication of diffractive beam shaping elements.

Weizmann institute – Beam shaping components and methods for advanced industrial lasers.

JCT – Active (dymanic) beam shaping elements.

BINA – Characterization of laser product structures by high-end analysis tools.

Bosch – Work group observer, automotive laser applications and 3D laser printing applications.


General mapping of laser applications at different wavelengths and temporal pulse widths: